Terms and condition

1. There are two types of treatment in my clinic:-
(A)- Constitutional:- Along with one or many diseases, the whole treatment of the body, which is permanent,
(B)- Therapeutical:- One or different of many diseases
Treatment, which can be anything permanent or temporary.

2. There are two types of fees in my clinic (For fee and Medicine charges please see the  PRICE page ):-
(A)- Case-taking fees (first-time fees),
(B)- Followup fees (regular or second and each time fees)

3. Follow-up fees in my clinic valid for five days only It happens.

4. Followup fees will be continue only for one year and after that it will not be applicable (for those patients who are continue there treatment and do not stop treatment in any means).

5. General patient fees and specific patients in my clinic(Patients with chronic, complicated, incurable or fatal disease) fees vary.

6. If a patient interrupts any treatment from my clinic. If you want to stop due to reason, then the information in the clinic comes and do the trouble of giving. Otherwise cleaner patients. The last date that will be mentioned in the register is the last date. Date will be valid.

7. If the patient with normal fees due to his own treatment 90 wants to start again after the day is closed. Full case-taking fees will have to be paid again and treatment again will be considered as the beginning.

8. If the patient with specific fees for any reason receives his treatment. If after 90 days of closure, He wants to start again half of typical patient case-taking fees currently in effect fees will have to be paid again and treatment will be considered to start again.

9. For the treatment of the patient by “Shreeja Homeo Clinic” during treatment money taken-money, whether it is a fee or In any case, any kind of medicine should be of any value. The person or institution is referred to as “Shreeja Homeo Clinic” or “Shreeja Homeo Doctors of clinics or any staff of “Shreeja Homeo Clinic”. You will not be obliged to give in any situation.

10. Please “Shreeja Homeo Clinic”, Doctor of “Shreeja Homeo Clinic” Or any type from any staff of the “Shreeja Homeo Clinic” does not misbehave nor do any kind of harm. If done by any person, patient or related patient. If it is the person concerned, the loss or loss of the entire have to bear the entire expenditure of And if the person concerned suffered harm does not compensate or bear expenses, then legal action can be taken against.